Chelsea Ursaner

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    Remote Angeles

    What is the best way to improve mobility in LA? To get people off the roads. How can we do that? How about encouraging more remote work? After all, in this age of video conferencing and shared workspaces throughout LA (hi, Impact Hub), working remotely from your home or someplace close to it has never been easier.

    In addition to the benefits from having less people on the road (safer, more sustainable), allowing/encouraging remote work leads to a happier, more productive workforce. It also saves money for everyone. Particularly as someone who worked from home for a year, I could go on with the benefits..

    What is Remote Angeles? Whatever we make it.. but my thought today was that it's 1. A nonprofit that conducts research on the economics of remote work; and 2. A website ( that educates employers on the benefits and steps to become a remote-friendly business, and provides a forum for employers and employees to share case studies

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