Putting a Face to Homelessness

This idea would be more of a proof of concept and would need additional resources / partnerships to become a reality outside of the hackaton. Create an facial recognition app that allows for donating to homeless individuals. Instead of taking out your wallet to hand over cash to a person in need, someone could open the app, take a photo and select how much they would like to give to that individual. Ideally the homeless individual would sign up at a local shelter and be able to cash out their account anytime at a participating shelter. Three goals: 1) Create a safer way to give money to someone in need. 2) Create another service / reason for homeless individuals to visit and engage with local shelters 3) Everyone who contributes takes a second to look homelessness in the face. I love the concept of people taking a photo, doing good and starting to recognize homelessness rather than just walking by staring in the other direction. I can also see lots of potential for corporate matching / sponsorships and well as giving artists access to the photos to create public awareness pieces ideally around the city. My hackathon goal would be to make the MVP / proof of concept that allows for facial recognition and a basic donation interface. Will do a little more research, but currently looking into Lambda for facial recog (https://www.mashape.com/lambda/face-recognition/pricing#!pricing) and Stripe API for donations. Open to lots of ideas!!

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