Ideas and Team Formation

Here's a chance to share your great idea with the Hack for LA community and get folks to join your team before the event on May 31st/ June 1 2014 so you can hit the ground running!  Post your idea here and see how the community reacts, and whether someone wants to join up!  This is a great place for nontechnical/ ideas people to see if their project is inspiring enough to get developers and designers signed on before the weekend.  Team formation will still happen on this page and in person at our event, but you may as well get started now!


Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.


Imagine Waze for the community. From lost dogs to more informative amber alerts, this application is alert aggregation platform that will drive the communicate to rally together and help each other by reporting things they normally will not report through gamification! I want to make it fun and impactful. I need designers and JavaScript developers to help me on the frontend.

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Open RFP data for LA city and county

Let's make life easier for both small businesses and government by opening up local RFP (request for proposal) databases. The OpenRFPs project ( will let you flex your Node, JavaScript, and CoffeeScript skills to build the largest-ever collection of up-to-date, API-friendly government bid requests. We need hackers, designers, and doers of all levels of experience to help write scrapers, write continuous tests, document, design a website, and much more. The more RFPs we open, the more small businesses and local government benefit. Let's get hacking!

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LA Fit Mix

LA is the mecca for health and fitness icons, yet too many Angelenos suffer from inactivity, obesity, and poor health lifestyles. LA Fit Mix will be a web community that matches everyday Angelenos who need motivation/support with local high school athletes & coaches, volunteer trainers, and fit neighbors, to arrange 1:1 fitness themed meet ups at local parks, schools, and public recreation places. By finding everyday fitness buddies and partners, Angelenos will get fit together for a healthier, more connected city.

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Bitcoin for LA's local businesses

Bitcoin is not just for tech savvy, geek or rich people who have money to burn. Bitcoin is also great for local businesses that want to grow and get more exposure. One of the biggest advantage of using bitcoin is that you can buy anything, anywhere at anytime. You should be able to buy a handcraft accessory from LA easily even if you live in Russia or China.

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Air pollution App

Real-time air pollution monitoring app that will warn people based on gps location to not go outside due to unhealthy conditions. Eventually could include a forecasting aspect and integration with calendar and event planning. It could also be integrated into information, Siri, and/or Google Now for further ease of use. This would be really helpful for times like last winter when there wasn't a lot of rain and during summer when there's the possibility of fires.

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Angel Nation: Connecting Prophets with Profits

Angel Nation is a mobile application and community that bridges gaps between entrepreneurs, investors, artists, and educators in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the most ethnically, linguistically, and religiously diverse place in the history of humanity - there is an amazing potential for connection, but so many divisions and disconnects! Angel Nation pre-qualifies users through a short, interactive assessment that determines the strengths and qualities of each user. Then it matches the users with others in the system around Los Angeles based on their needs and dreams to encourage collaboration and problem solving through custom built profiles and event data collection. Think OKCupid/Angel List for Los Angeles based, across the board social change!

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Trip Planning with Green House Gas Saving Calculator - Web App

The idea is to make a trip planning app that allows users to select the modes of transportation they have/are willing to take ( car, electric vehicle, bike, bus, train etc) and calculate the green house gas savings they generate based on their choices. We are looking for designers and are open to more developers.

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Putting a Face to Homelessness

This idea would be more of a proof of concept and would need additional resources / partnerships to become a reality outside of the hackaton. Create an facial recognition app that allows for donating to homeless individuals. Instead of taking out your wallet to hand over cash to a person in need, someone could open the app, take a photo and select how much they would like to give to that individual. Ideally the homeless individual would sign up at a local shelter and be able to cash out their account anytime at a participating shelter. Three goals: 1) Create a safer way to give money to someone in need. 2) Create another service / reason for homeless individuals to visit and engage with local shelters 3) Everyone who contributes takes a second to look homelessness in the face. I love the concept of people taking a photo, doing good and starting to recognize homelessness rather than just walking by staring in the other direction. I can also see lots of potential for corporate matching / sponsorships and well as giving artists access to the photos to create public awareness pieces ideally around the city. My hackathon goal would be to make the MVP / proof of concept that allows for facial recognition and a basic donation interface. Will do a little more research, but currently looking into Lambda for facial recog (!pricing) and Stripe API for donations. Open to lots of ideas!!

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Stop water waste together app

Create a simple app where people can report water waste (broken sprinklers, etc) to the city with two clicks. Community members who download the app also pick an area in their community (ie: near the home or work) and get notified of the water waste problem near them. That way it's someone they have a relationship with they can make sure they are aware of the water wasting problem or help the city with vetting the reports.

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Interactive Map to easily discover awesome organizations & socially responsible events in LA

I've been working on curating companies that are treating their employees exceptionally and/or doing incredible things ( Before the hack-a-thon I'm going to open up an API of all these curated companies and events in LA and work to create an interactive map so people can easily identify the #socent hotspots and discover ways to connect & network with the people who work with these organizations to build relationships towards getting awesome jobs.

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Movee will provide users with a simple one stop shop where they will find up to date personally tailored videos from around the web. During Phase one we will be curating the best videos of the day for the user, simplified into a one page feed. New videos will be posted continually driving engagement throughout the day. If a user is bored, has a few minutes of down time or has a desire to discover, dream or explore they can simply open up their app and be fed the videos they want to consume. It is important to note that all videos will be kept to under five minutes and no channel will post over 3 videos a day. By doing so, we believe consumers are more likely to engage with multiple pieces of content in their feeds daily. The content will be fed from established content producers such as ESPN, SNL, TED talks, Food network, etc. Users will identify their interests and receive curated clips daily to be consumed on the go.

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App/website similar to Craigslist that is safer and less prone to scam

Often people consider renting house or purchasing items from sight that is unseen. Seeking opinion from the neighborhood about a locality or a specific building before checking out for apartment/goods rental/purchase can help prevent scams and also help in making informed decisions.

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Build an app for Metro that would work with ibeacon technology.

This will help give up to date information on bus arrival times, delays on metro lines, etc. This would also help lead LA Metro to a contactless payment and ticketing solution. All through Bluetooth Low Energy.

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Fun, simple web app that tells you cool things about your neighborhood

We'd like to create a very simple JS-driven website where a user puts in their address in Los Angeles county and we tell them a bunch of cool things about their neighborhood ("the average income in your neighborhood is $XXXX... other neighborhoods of Los Angeles at a similar income level are A, B, C" - or "Here are some tweets/ from your neighborhood" - or "Here's the name of your congressional rep and some facts about them"). We can assemble all this information by using the many available APIs and datasets - US Census, City of LA, Google Civic Data, etc.

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Tracking and Finding Bike Routes

We can easily track location over time, but connecting people to future location seems to require a complicated network timetables, such as Google Maps uses for public transportation routing.

My goal for this hackathon is to digest tracking data from real bicycle routes in the past, and match that against a user's location, destination, and desired departure/arrival time.

In the last hackathon in December, I worked out a prototype in Node and Express to serve Strava data against a search. Most of the time was spent setting up the framework. This time around, with a boilerplate, more data, and some help, I intend to start fresh and finish with a repo projects like LA Bike Trains can implement.

Here's a gist with some logic and user stories I'm hashing out:

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LA & immigration

Looking to understand how immigration shapes the city and how technology and apps can help create community and foster integration- civic participation. Any ideas?

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LA Bikemap

We want to visually document what's both good and bad about riding bikes in Los Angeles. Cyclists would - submit unique Locations (bike friendly businesses, hidden local gems like late-night taco trucks, co-working spaces, etc), - share Paths such as crosstown bikeways, shortcut streets to avoid traffic, - add Incidents like driver harassment, crashes, bike theft, etc. In the next two days, we want to get a simple and cleanly designed submission form to make it easy to engage users to contribute visuals + data. Old version: Newer version:

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Bee swarm app

I'm one of the founders of a rogue org in LA called The Backwards Beekeepers. We've had a bee rescue hotline for years where people in LA can call our Google Voice # and tell us where bees have shown up, and we'll send a beekeeper to remove them without killing them. The process of pairing beekeepers manually could easily be solved with a GPS-enabled app. Anyone want to build it? It would save a lot of bees and make a lot of new beekeepers.

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Freedom Drone

We are creating a brighter safer future for the citizens of LA. Our apps will empower local government to monitor and assist their citizens via Freedom Drones that will hover over the city. The drones will be equipped with facial recognition technology so that the drones may locate and monitor suspicious individuals. This will work as a pre-crime tool by monitoring things such as twitter feeds, foursquare checkins, and Tracebook (errrm... facebook) activity. We will stop all uprisings, prevent crime, and keep our cities safe for our children. If you do not vote for this team, you obviously have something to hide.

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uVote. Voting System of the Future

In the future, voting will be as simple as scratching your nose. Out of 2.5 million registered voters in Los Angeles, only 274,000 voted in the last mayoral elections. We can change that with the most sophisticated, secure online/mobile voting system that will partner with top security companies and government agencies to verify identity and cast votes. People don't vote because they don't believe in the system and because the system doesn't make it easy to vote. However people are constantly expressing their opinions on social media, processing mobile credit card transactions and giving up privacy for two reasons: Immediacy and Access. We believe if asked, people will be willing to give up the same amount of privacy for Transparency. In fact, the success of social media and mobile clearly say that people ARE actually asking for this. Any developers + designers interested in taking up the challenge?

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