web developer with a bike and a sketchbook

I've been working on coding for bicycle infrastructure for about 6 months, and I could use the inspiration and goals that come with congregations like Hack for LA.

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    Tracking and Finding Bike Routes

    We can easily track location over time, but connecting people to future location seems to require a complicated network timetables, such as Google Maps uses for public transportation routing.

    My goal for this hackathon is to digest tracking data from real bicycle routes in the past, and match that against a user's location, destination, and desired departure/arrival time.

    In the last hackathon in December, I worked out a prototype in Node and Express to serve Strava data against a search. Most of the time was spent setting up the framework. This time around, with a boilerplate, more data, and some help, I intend to start fresh and finish with a repo projects like LA Bike Trains can implement.

    Here's a gist with some logic and user stories I'm hashing out: https://gist.github.com/monking/c0f68340eba759258d4b