Kevin Reevers

  • commented on Build an app for Metro that would work with ibeacon technology. 2014-05-29 22:17:39 -0700
    Currently the market isn’t there; Androids (that most bus riders) don’t support BLE as of yet. Metro’s system actual has real-time data, it’s them handing it over. Ticket-less is messy. You have to choose apps, a protocol for both the device and the receiver, security, and payment. The tap system is imperfect, but it’s practical until the market settles on some standards. Long-term this is awesome. Short-term your making something for nothing (Metro is just getting turnstiles figured out).

    Real-time bus data would be awesome and the most logical with the given time frame. Using both metro’s timetable schedule and matching that to light mobile gps tracking, maybe with some geofencing at stops, you could create an close to accurate approximation to your stop and your destination, eventually combining that with multi-transfer connections to mitigate wait-times. This would be probably the strongest part of the idea to go with.

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