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    Hack for LA

    Hack for LA is the official Los Angeles chapter of Code for America, a national nonprofit that believes government can work for the people, by the people, in the 21st century. At our weekly Civic Hack Nights, we organize groups of volunteers to build technology addressing the LA region's biggest civic issues. We welcome technologists, government officials, designers, students, activists, entrepreneurs and community members to join us and collaboratively create a better Los Angeles.

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    Hack for LA Expo 2015

    Want to meet our partners and sponsors? Join us 8am - 4pm Saturday June 6th and 8am - 4pm Sunday June 7th to meet our community partners and our sponsors for Hack for LA 2015. We will have booths from the following organizations:



    Civic Innovation Lab

    If you'd like more info on exhibiting as a vendor in the expo please contact vyki@hackforla.org

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    Hi Michael! This is great, you should also join our slack room, and ask around in the #i-need-a-team room!

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    LA Bikemap

    We want to visually document what's both good and bad about riding bikes in Los Angeles. Cyclists would - submit unique Locations (bike friendly businesses, hidden local gems like late-night taco trucks, co-working spaces, etc), - share Paths such as crosstown bikeways, shortcut streets to avoid traffic, - add Incidents like driver harassment, crashes, bike theft, etc. In the next two days, we want to get a simple and cleanly designed submission form to make it easy to engage users to contribute visuals + data. Old version: http://labikemap.com/ Newer version: http://solid.it.cx/bikemap/

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    Tracking and Finding Bike Routes

    We can easily track location over time, but connecting people to future location seems to require a complicated network timetables, such as Google Maps uses for public transportation routing.

    My goal for this hackathon is to digest tracking data from real bicycle routes in the past, and match that against a user's location, destination, and desired departure/arrival time.

    In the last hackathon in December, I worked out a prototype in Node and Express to serve Strava data against a search. Most of the time was spent setting up the framework. This time around, with a boilerplate, more data, and some help, I intend to start fresh and finish with a repo projects like LA Bike Trains can implement.

    Here's a gist with some logic and user stories I'm hashing out: https://gist.github.com/monking/c0f68340eba759258d4b

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    Q: What data (LA City, County, or from other data sources) would you like to see available by Dec 7th for our next event?
    A: Transportation – Car share (Zipcar, Lyft, Uber, Taxi’s Enterprise), Bike accidents, Bike theft, Traffic fatalities, Bike lanes, Bike plan data, Bike rentals, Bike shops, Car rental businesses, Bus stops

    What issues should we focus on for the next Hack for LA?

    We're beginning to plan for our next Hack for LA event - which sponsors we should reach out to, what kind of prizes we should offer, what data we should try and have available, and how we should focus our work.  Please give us your feedback about which LA issues and data are most interesting to you - there are only 3 questions!

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