Movee will provide users with a simple one stop shop where they will find up to date personally tailored videos from around the web. During Phase one we will be curating the best videos of the day for the user, simplified into a one page feed. New videos will be posted continually driving engagement throughout the day. If a user is bored, has a few minutes of down time or has a desire to discover, dream or explore they can simply open up their app and be fed the videos they want to consume. It is important to note that all videos will be kept to under five minutes and no channel will post over 3 videos a day. By doing so, we believe consumers are more likely to engage with multiple pieces of content in their feeds daily. The content will be fed from established content producers such as ESPN, SNL, TED talks, Food network, etc. Users will identify their interests and receive curated clips daily to be consumed on the go.

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