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    Bee swarm app

    I'm one of the founders of a rogue org in LA called The Backwards Beekeepers. We've had a bee rescue hotline for years where people in LA can call our Google Voice # and tell us where bees have shown up, and we'll send a beekeeper to remove them without killing them. The process of pairing beekeepers manually could easily be solved with a GPS-enabled app. Anyone want to build it? It would save a lot of bees and make a lot of new beekeepers.

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    The LAMC is super self referential and does take a keen sense of policy and law to really understand how its formulated. It would be interesting if you combine crowdsourcing with this app idea. There are many grad law students and professors (LMU, Pepperdine, UCLA and USC) that offer up there time to provide free legal services to under-served communities. What if the app was able to connect you to these law students to offer free consultation on how to read the LAMC?

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    See if you can make improvements on this:


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    LA & immigration

    Looking to understand how immigration shapes the city and how technology and apps can help create community and foster integration- civic participation. Any ideas?

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    Might want to look at https://developers.arcgis.com/en/features/geotrigger-service/ and also be sure to catch our Esri reps. Also, dont be afraid to reference these current maps for your prototype:


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    Q: Are you able to help out in addition to or instead of mentoring hackathon team?
    A: I can come early on Saturday to check people in (7:30 AM- 9:30 AM)

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