Hack Night Project Suggestions

Civic Hack Nights aren't much without something to hack on. Got a project you want to work on? Maybe it's just an idea you had in the shower, maybe it's standing up a Code for America app you saw in another city. Let's hear about it.

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Let's look at DASH7 (ITU 18000-7) for LA"s IoT Strategy

DASH7 is built upon the global standard ITU 18000-7, and there are two open Github codebases for the full stack at OpenDQ and OSS-7 from OpenMote and WizziMote. If Los Angeles were to build around this IoT specification, then new LA-based M2M companies would be the first to build a secure IoT city with sensor networks into the tens of thousands of nodes. Further, if the same network architecture were adopted for high data rate IP networks, then we would effectively close the digital divide with a broadcast architecture for Internet Protocol. Finally, our metro area TV stations need this development if they are to honor the "code of trust" with the public in which the TV stations hold the best life-saving TV frequencies, and which the FCC wants to take from public TV use for auction to cellular carriers (with a portion of the proceeds going back to the TV station for rescinding their rights to something they don't own...the public owns these frequencies, so the "incentive" in these Incentive Auctions is really an FCC bribe for the TV station to do what is not in the public's best interest). What's more important, a firefighter behind several walls inside a building, or a cellular subscriber saying "Can you hear me now?"

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