Hack Night Project Suggestions

Civic Hack Nights aren't much without something to hack on. Got a project you want to work on? Maybe it's just an idea you had in the shower, maybe it's standing up a Code for America app you saw in another city. Let's hear about it.

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Center for Mobile Applications in Service to Society

Hello, everyone. Two little charities in Montebello--take the Montebello Line 40 and get off at city hall--have a concept called "Center for Mobile Applications in Service to Society", "C MASS". There are fifty-five ideas for apps, some surveyed, some more sketched out than others, covering a variety of subjects. The goal for each idea is that it be part of a program which would be financially sustainable without dependence on grants. C MASS would be a magnet to draw people from a variety of disciplines and with a variety of skills to co-develop, co-found, and co-own apps with local and then national or global application. Jobs would be created in LA County. If accepted as a Hack Night subject, two ideas, "SEEDS" and "High Fives", would be discussed as means to establish, sustain, and grow C MASS. Thank you. Van, Van Ajemian, JD, vanajemian@hotmail.com

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Let's Analyze All of the Data!

I started my own little repository for storing my analysis of open LA datasets. If anyone is interested, feel free to fork, explore, add to it, or start your own similar repository. Included is a bit of starter python code for looking into a great car theft dataset. https://github.com/Nixonite/HackForLA-Data-Analysis For learning how to get started, search on the internet for free data analysis tools and books using R, Python, Excel, or your other favorite data tool.

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Let's look at DASH7 (ITU 18000-7) for LA"s IoT Strategy

DASH7 is built upon the global standard ITU 18000-7, and there are two open Github codebases for the full stack at OpenDQ and OSS-7 from OpenMote and WizziMote. If Los Angeles were to build around this IoT specification, then new LA-based M2M companies would be the first to build a secure IoT city with sensor networks into the tens of thousands of nodes. Further, if the same network architecture were adopted for high data rate IP networks, then we would effectively close the digital divide with a broadcast architecture for Internet Protocol. Finally, our metro area TV stations need this development if they are to honor the "code of trust" with the public in which the TV stations hold the best life-saving TV frequencies, and which the FCC wants to take from public TV use for auction to cellular carriers (with a portion of the proceeds going back to the TV station for rescinding their rights to something they don't own...the public owns these frequencies, so the "incentive" in these Incentive Auctions is really an FCC bribe for the TV station to do what is not in the public's best interest). What's more important, a firefighter behind several walls inside a building, or a cellular subscriber saying "Can you hear me now?"

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence, is a hot topic these days. Proposing teams use one or more of the following services for discovering insights in publicly available data. Google https://cloud.google.com/prediction/ Microsoft Azure http://azure.microsoft.com/ Amazon Machine Learning http://aws.amazon.com/machine-learning/ Understood that 3 hours is not very much time for hacking, but I can help educate how to use some of these services.

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Making nutritional education for Los Angeles athletes ages 6-18 affordable

I want to use the food index data sets from the USDA to create a mobile app and web service that will create individual meal plans on the fly. The meal plans will have 3 separate UX/UI interfaces for Parents Athletes and Coaches. I want too HACK a prototype that I built in 2014.

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More of a meta-suggestion

contact local community development organizations / community groups and ask them what kind of work *they* need done. Don't work in a vacuum!

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Remote Angeles

What is the best way to improve mobility in LA? To get people off the roads. How can we do that? How about encouraging more remote work? After all, in this age of video conferencing and shared workspaces throughout LA (hi, Impact Hub), working remotely from your home or someplace close to it has never been easier.

In addition to the benefits from having less people on the road (safer, more sustainable), allowing/encouraging remote work leads to a happier, more productive workforce. It also saves money for everyone. Particularly as someone who worked from home for a year, I could go on with the benefits..

What is Remote Angeles? Whatever we make it.. but my thought today was that it's 1. A nonprofit that conducts research on the economics of remote work; and 2. A website (remoteangeles.com) that educates employers on the benefits and steps to become a remote-friendly business, and provides a forum for employers and employees to share case studies

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Scraping PDF Data for Education!

How can we spend millions of dollars on textbooks every year, without knowing which districts and schools are using which? The California Department of Education posts every School Accountability Report Card (SARC) online as a PDF, but it otherwise does not track the data on those SARCs systematically. I want to HACK these SARCs to be able to extract all the textbook data and create a database that is more usable for the public!

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Smart City

Develop, a Educational opportunity map, with afterschool programs, self guided field trips, Maker Spaces, Public Works, Artist Residencies, internships, volunteer opportunities.

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Ventura/Sepulveda 101& 405 onramp nightmare

Hello! My name is Judy Santos. I have a small coworking space, OfficeSlice, located at the heart of the above nightmare. Most mornings, Ventura, Sepulveda and surrounding side streets are backed up as many try to get on to the onramp off of Ventura and/or Sepulveda. I'm interested in finding out about putting together a civic hackathon that can come up with various solutions or suggestions to this daily nightmare. Please let me know next steps. Judy Santos OfficeSlice 818-446-6125 info@officeslicecoworking.com

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