Jonathan Gael

  • commented on Let's look at DASH7 (ITU 18000-7) for LA"s IoT Strategy 2015-04-29 09:12:02 -0700
    For the next hack night, let’s make hardware the new software. Please assemble all the chip level FPGA/ASIC, PHY/MAC hacks you know. We need to hack TV White Space (and Grey Space) with software defined radios and a Spectrum Bridge-like database lookup for available frequency.
    For the sw set, Roger McNamee theorized that the only way to unseat FB would be if a 3rd party peer to peer network were to emerge. So this concept should give the apps designers a view to what will be possible in future apps when we can finally experience what TCP/IP can really do!
    If we focus upon this mission, many new LA companies will emerge, and we’ll close the Digital Divide in South LA and globally, again, with an inherently secure network architecture with near-perfect Layer 2 MAC throughput, giving IP (or any other packet/circuit switching) a better road to run on.
    This will result to an overall system improvement for any network-connected device, and a telecommunications power shift that fills the void left by the 1984 divestiture of our public utility, by giving telecom power and privacy back to the public.

DASH7 is Near Perfect at ~100% Throughput