Center for Mobile Applications in Service to Society

Hello, everyone. Two little charities in Montebello--take the Montebello Line 40 and get off at city hall--have a concept called "Center for Mobile Applications in Service to Society", "C MASS". There are fifty-five ideas for apps, some surveyed, some more sketched out than others, covering a variety of subjects. The goal for each idea is that it be part of a program which would be financially sustainable without dependence on grants. C MASS would be a magnet to draw people from a variety of disciplines and with a variety of skills to co-develop, co-found, and co-own apps with local and then national or global application. Jobs would be created in LA County. If accepted as a Hack Night subject, two ideas, "SEEDS" and "High Fives", would be discussed as means to establish, sustain, and grow C MASS. Thank you. Van, Van Ajemian, JD,

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